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EU natives living in the UK 

More than three million EU natives living in the UK 

Around 3.6 million individuals living in the UK in 2016 were natives of another EU nation. That is around 6% of the UK populace. A comparative extent were conceived in whatever is left of the EU. 

Of those 3.6 million, an expected one million are Polish nationals, the biggest single nationality from whatever is left of the EU. They're trailed by an expected 335,000 Irish nationals and 328,000 Romanians. 

These figures aren't sure: they're founded on an overview of family units and that implies there's an edge for blunder for the figure for every nationality. Clean and Irish subjects are plainly the most various, yet additionally down the rundown, the 'rank request' of nationalities isn't solid. 

2.2 million EU nationals working in the UK 

Around 2.4 million nationals of other EU nations are in work, starting at prior this year. That is around 7% of individuals in work—the most noteworthy on record. 

EU nationals of working age will probably be in work than UK nationals and non-EU residents. Around 81% of working age EU natives in the UK were in work in spring this year, contrasted with around 75% of UK nationals and 61% of individuals from outside the EU. 

That is halfway determined by the way that nationals of other EU nations will probably go to the UK to work. A little more than 66% of EU national foreigners said they went to the UK either for work or to discover an occupation in the year to March 2017. Just about 33% of non-EU nationals say the same. Read more


EU Citizens UK